Linesville Heritage Weekend

August 3—5, 2018

Welcome back, Rebecca’s Restaurant!

In the spring of 2018, Rebecca’s Restaurant was re-opened by long-time locals, Gary Gettel and Debbie Wallace. Gary met Debbie when she was formerly a waitress in the same restaurant. After it closed, they developed a passion to see it back and share what they loved about Rebecca’s.

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Friday, August 3

What Happened in the Pymatuning Swamp?

About 3 miles from where Robert Griffing grew up in Linesville PA, lies the hull of a sunken ship first discovered in the Pymatuning Swamp about 200 years ago. Later the creation of Pymatuning Lake would hide her secrets forever. Robert first heard the stories of the ship from one of his favorite teachers, Sara Egan, and it has always intrigued him.

There are many theories about its origin. Traders, explorers and even a romantic version. What ever one you choose to believe, there is one common fact based on the many descriptions we have of the ship, that leans to a certain time period. The 60’ x 12’ craft is of the Durham style and probably from the late 18th century. That is the time chosen for the painting. So, is it traders or is it the ship from New Orleans carrying a Spanish princess trying to find passage to the Great Lakes? The truth is we will probably never know, but we will always wonder…What happened in the Pymatuning swamp?

The original painting will be on display at the Griffing Gallery during the event. Canvas and small decorator prints available. Robert’s long awaited book “An American Journey” will also be available for purchasing.

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