Hillbilly Flyin'

August 5—12, 2018

Soar with the ducks over Linesville!

Take to the skies during this week-long event in the town where the ducks walk on the fish! Come to enjoy a week of local and world known pilots flying their Ultralights, Power Parachutes, Power Para-Gliders, and Fixed wings.

There will machines on display every day for people to see up close. Come meet pilots coming from Florida, Ohio, New York, California, Pennsylvania, West Virgina, Virginia, Illionis, Arizona, New Jersey, Brazil, England, Israel.

Enjoy the food vendors, open music jams every day, camping, and Heritage Weekend in downtown Linesville.

Pilots fee $45.00.

Camping is free but space is limited. Contact Jeff Weimer: 321-961-3009.

15372 Airport Rd
Linesville, Pennsylvania 16424

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/hillbillyFlyin/

Saturday, August 4


Merry Pymatuning Airport

Coston Cross Concert

Kicking off the event with a Contry Music Concert by Coston Cross! Tickets $15 at the gate. $10 buy in advance.

August 5—12

Sunrise — 11am
3:30pm — sundown

Merry Pymatuning Airport


Most flying will be done from sun up to 11am and then from 3:30pm to dark, because the weather tends to be calmer. We need winds 10 mph or less


6am — 8:30pm

Merry Pymatuing Airport

Spectactors Welcome


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